About Windsor Fiberglass

Windsor Fiberglass is a high quality composites fabrication shop that is located in Burgaw, North Carolina.

Windsor has an extensive history as a production based shop involved in almost every industrial sector over the years including transportation, building construction, military and commerce. A few of the highlights include the Hajj Terminal at the Saudi Arabia International Airport, hoods and liners for Mack Truck, the first fiberglass guitar body, the original patent for the fiberglass cast and the Blue Whale at the Museum of Natural History. As a result Windsor Fiberglass has gained an industry wide reputation for unmatched manufacture and delivery of complex parts and assemblies that demand the highest attention to details.

The shop  primarily utilizes hand laid open molding techniques at various scales. In addition to the production based manufacturing, Windsor also has tooling capabilities, able to produce high quality tooling either in house or through partnering with select consultants.